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The Agony & Glory of the Cross Charles B. Hodge, Jr.
In his unique, thought-provoking style, Hodge offers a deeper look at the events, the people, and the statements surrounding the cross. He examines the concepts of salvation, sanctification, and glorification, and what the cross should mean for our lives.
All Christians Are Leaders! Charles B. Hodge, Jr.
"All Christians are leaders!" Charles Hodge declares in his new release on leadership. This study challenges each member of the church to reconsider his or her role in the body of Christ. Hodge points out that every church member has the dual responsibility to lead and to follow.
Catching a Few Rays Michael Justus, M.D.
"The beach always beckons those who need to think. The sound of the surf breaking on the sand drowns out other distractions, and except for the shifting of shadows, time stands still. It isn't a stretch for me to imagine Solomon sitting in a weathered chair at the water's edge casting his questions into the waves and waiting for answers to roll in with the tide. As the waves deposit broken shells and bits of seaweed at his feet, he moves them around with his toes, looking for something of value."
Come, Let us Magnify the Lord Eddie Cloer
A season of praise—each thought encourages meditations on what God has done and His promises to those who are faithful to Him. Thinking about God's greatness and His blessings will produce gratefulness in the heart.
Getting Serious About Love David L. Roper
This is a detailed study of the greatest of all virtues, Christian love. Having thirteen chapters, this book is arranged for the Bible class.
God's Design for "the Church" Eddie Cloer
In this book on the church, Eddie Cloer draws attention to how Christ established the church and how Scriptures define and describe it. By examining the illustrations provided by the Holy Spirit, we can come to a better understanding of God's design and intention for the New Testament church. Questions are included at the end of each chapter.
My Daily Walk With God Charles B. Hodge, Jr.
Hodge focuses on the heart of Christianity—everyday life in Christ. The author challenges others to join him in the quest for a closer walk with God and emphasizes the need to abandon pride, admit imperfection, and simply submit in faith to God's will.
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Prayer: The Voice of Faith Charles B. Hodge, Jr.
This study addresses a deep need in the Christian life, wrestling with the challenges of spending time in prayer. Hodge discusses the great power of prayer, Christ's example in prayer, praying in the Spirit, and praying for one another.
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Questions You've Asked
About Bible Translations
Jack P. Lewis
Answers many questions concerning Bible translations. A timely book which must be read by every serious student of the Bible. Brother Lewis is our foremost scholar in Bible translations.
Still Living by Faith Annie May Alston Lewis
This is a collection of lectures by the late Annie May Lewis for women. The lessons inspire stewardship, faithfulness, holiness, hospitality, perseverance, selflessness, service, frugality, and—above all—greater diligence in Bible study and prayer.
All proceeds above the cost of printing will be placed into a scholarship fund at Harding Graduate School of Religion.
"Thus Far the Lord has Helped Us" Eddie Cloer
An inspiring gift book, "Thus Far the Lord Has Helped Us" is a reminder that God's providence surrounds us and we need only look more closely to see it.
What Is "the Church"? Eddie Cloer
A book which is ideal for study by Bible classes, personal workers, new converts, and anyone who is searcing for Christ's church. Questions are included at the end of each chapter.
Will God Run? Charles B. Hodge, Jr.
An ideal book for study by Bible classes, personal workers, and new converts. Anyone who is searching for God at a time of wondering if God will forgive him will benefit from this book based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son.